Spring’s miracle

A story by Eleonora Giancarli e Ginevra Poledda

It was Springtime, but the stubborn Winter kept blowing his cold wind.

Kisses, caresses and hugs were like frozen, hanging in the air, waiting to be freed.

Kids, mums or grannies weren’t seen for days, forced to stay at home by this Winter, more severe than ever.


The never-given Kiss, was waiting, laying on a peach tree petal.

The denied Hug was hanging from a branch.

The broken caress swung by a blade of grass.

They all were suspended acts, love thoughts that never became real.

Kids at windows and from balconies thought about every time they would have hugged their beloved teacher but the didn’t; adults thought about every time they would have caressed their old parents but they didn’t; lovers thought about each time they would have given each other a kiss, but they didn’t…who knows why.

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It was by then, that the Spring made her steps, between wind’s gusts, bringing her warmth.

She brought sun rays to each balcony. She collected each suspended kiss, caress and hug and brought them as a warm ray to people’s faces and bodies, that suddenly smiled with hope.

Something seemed to tell them, that Winter would be ended soon, pushed away behind far clouds and beyond the horizon, while the warm weather would be back to warm up their souls and hearts and people would get out of their homes, take to the streets and town squares to finally hug each other again.

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